Top tips for looking after your lawn in summer

The summer is here, the sun is shining, and everyone’s enjoying the green, green grass of home more than ever. But after all this sunshine, how green is it? And how are we supposed to keep it in good condition when the summer sun is at its hottest?

Mow it

Experts advise mowing your lawn twice a week in summer, dropping to once a week in periods of drought.

Though it might be tempting to mow as soon as you spot growth, let it grow a little longer than usual in summer months. The Royal Horticultural Society recommends avoiding excessively close mowing in dry spells, as though attractive, it can weaken the grass and make your lawn more susceptible to drought, weeds and moss.

When summer mowing, let the grass clippings fall back on to the lawn as mulch instead of collecting them. This slows down the evaporation of water from the soil surface helping both the grass and soil. 

Water it

Moisture is key. Persistent hot, sunny weather, though perfect for BBQs and outdoor play, can quickly affect the appearance and health of your lawn.

If your lawn is newly planted it is vital to keep watering it thoroughly. If already established, you need to water your lawn once the soil is dry but before the grass colour changes. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Water either early morning or late evening/night time to avoid wasting water from evaporation
  • Water every 7 to 10 days in periods of drought
  • To gauge how much water to use, make a small test hole with a trowel and ensure the water reaches a depth of 10cm (4in).
  • If the ground is very hard, use a garden fork to spike the ground and aid water penetration.

Don’t be tempted to over water though. This encourages shallow rooting of the grass, promotes moss growth and disease, and makes your lawn less drought-tolerant should you be unable to water it for a while.

Treat it

To help your lawn’s recovery, apply a summer lawn fertiliser to help your lawn look green and healthy. This needs to be done in cool, moist conditions and lightly watered in. Fertilising just before rain is ideal.

If after all the heat you are left with sparsely grassed areas, over-seed those areas, and ensure you remove any obvious weeds from your lawn which compete with the grass for moisture.

Rest assured that even if lawns do turn brown and dry over summer, the good news is that they usually recover well once rains return.

Use the right tools

A good lawn mower is vital for the benefit of both the grass and person mowing.

Whether you’re mowing a lawn or an entire golf course; whether you want a walk-behind mower, lawn tractor or even a robotic mower; at Powercut you’ll find an extensive range of industry-leading mowers and lawn maintenance tools which you can rely on for perfect performance every time.

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