The John Deere Tango E5 autonomous mower: An unexpected new best friend

The John Deere Tango E5 autonomous mower: An unexpected new best friend

In a beautiful pocket of Carmarthenshire, writer and former actress Jenny Kenna lives alongside her unlikely new best friend.

“I needed a new mower and went to Powercut because I knew John Deere were the best. When I saw him I thought ‘this is the answer!’”

Autonomous mowing

Tango 7In Powercut’s shiny showroom Jenny had spotted the John Deere Tango E5 autonomous mower, designed to mow your lawn automatically so you can get on with life. Jenny bought one just over a year ago and describes it as “the best thing I’ve ever had”.

“I tend to humanise him. I have named him Mo because he is a mower after all. He is my new best friend and I could not be without him now.

The garden has been wired so he knows where he needs to mow. He appears to mow somewhat randomly but by the end of his shift, he has mowed everything that he needs to.

He works on a timer, goes out at the same time every day, and is even set up to mow the edges of my lawn on a weekly basis too. When he needs to recharge, he automatically goes back to his charging station.

He works silently in the night, he works in the rain, he works on my sloping garden, and he even picks up some of the leaves.

If I am gardening on my own, it’s also a bit of company when I can hear him working away. He’s wonderful.”

You cannot help but be captivated as you watch Mo work his way around Jenny’s garden. It is like some kind of gardening magic and the delight he brings to Jenny in what would otherwise be a challenging if not near impossible chore is obvious. This enchanting, talented lady has met her gardening match in this clever, life enhancing machine.

When I asked Jenny what life without Mo would be like now she said:

Jenny and Mo“Life without him would be so much more hard work and messy. With Mo I do not have to worry about grass cuttings, back problems, or hiring someone to come in to cut my lawn for me. Mo is reliable. He saves me time. I can get on and garden or write while Mo does his thing, and when I go on holiday, I can leave him running the whole time and do not have to worry about the lawn. It’s the best thing I’ve ever had!”

The John Deere Tango E5 is designed to automatically perfectly maintain your lawn, saving you time and effort. Individually set up for the perimeters of your garden, the Tango E5 sets a new benchmark in mowing and has been designed and built to the usual uncompromisingly high John Deere standard.

Mower Servicing and after sales care

When asked about the service she had received, Jenny could not speak highly enough of Powercut:

“The guys at Powercut have been marvellous. They are responsive if I have any problems or queries. They set up the hidden wires in my garden to begin with and advised me on what would work best with my space. Then every winter when Mo goes into hibernation, they pick him up and take him in for a service at Powercut where he’s all cleaned up, given a new blade and is delivered back to me all spic and span and ready for the next season.”

For more information on John Deere’s life changing Tango E5 and how it can work for you, why not pop into Powercut or give us a call on 01267 235625.


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