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Fancy a perfect lawn without the effort and discipline? TANGO E5 autonomous robotic mower mows in any weather and at any time – all by itself.



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2400 sqm

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Why Mow when you can Watch?

Fancy a perfect lawn without the effort and discipline? TANGO E5 series 2 mows in any weather and at any time – all by itself. Best of all, there are no grass clippings to dispose of: the TANGO E5

series 2 uses them as fertiliser, to help keep lawns healthy the natural way.

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Feature Manicure Your Lawn

Manicure your lawn

Unlike conventional mowers, the TANGO E5 series 2 manicures your lawn regularly instead of just cutting it back now and then. The principle of TANGO and autonomous mowing is based on continued maintenance of the lawn. This intensive treatment is the key to a healthy lawn. As the clippings go straight back onto the grass, you need far less artificial fertiliser to get great results. Over time you will see improvement to the condition and look of your lawn.

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Feature Smarter Mowing

Smarter Mowing

The TANGO E5 series 2 detects obstacles and the boundary wire automatically. To keep your lawn smooth and consistent, it mows in a random pattern. When TANGO identifies patches where the grass is taller, it switches to ‘spiral mode’ and trims them effectively too.
Programming TANGO to suit the size and layout of your lawn is easy and intuitive. You can set locations, operation hours and daily mowing schedules yourself in no time.

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Feature Ready Steady Go

Ready, Steady … Go!

Just fix a guide wire around the area you want TANGO to mow and you’re ready to go. TANGO won’t ever cross that boundary – and you can alter it whenever you wish by moving the wire.

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Feature Automatic Recharging

Automatic Recharging

When necessary, the TANGO E5 Series 2 automatically moves to the charging station and recharges its powerful Li-Ion battery.

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Feature Easy Programming

Easy Programming

Don’t want the TANGO E5 Series 2 to mow during your garden party? The large, at-a-glance display makes reprogramming easy and intuitive – no expert assistance required.

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Feature See Tango in action

See TANGO in Action

Get more details and watch the TANGO E5 Series 2 video at

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Feature Installation Made Easy

Installation Made Easy

The guide wire is virtually invisible and is easy to move when you change your garden layout. For the best mowing results, ask Powercut to help you plan and install the boundary wire professionally. Powercut is your local TANGO specialist John Deere Dealer and we have the experience and training to assist you.

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Feature Sharp Blades

Sharp Blades & Adjustable Height

The cleaner the cut, the less chance of disease affecting your lawn. That’s why the mower blade in the TANGO E5 Series 2 is as tough and durable as the ones in our conventional lawn tractors and mowers. If necessary safety sensors stop the blade immediately.
To move the blade up or down, simply turn the protection shield clockwise or anti-clockwise. You can set the cutting height anywhere from 19 -102 mm. The star-shaped blade helps keep grass healthy by ensuring a clean cut with the minimum of effort.

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*Depends on ground conditions and garden layout. Please consult Powercut, your local John Deere dealer, for a demonstation and suitability test.[/col]

Power Source

  • Engine Manufacturer:
  • Power (HP):
  • Power (KW):
  • Cylinder:
  • Cooling:
  • Starting:


  • Type:
  • Drive:
  • Differential Lock:
  • Steering:
  • Power Steering:

General Specifications

  • CAB:
  • Seats:
  • Overall Length:
  • Overall Width:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Power Tipper:
  • Attachment:
  • Transport Width (MM):
  • Lift Capacity (KG):
  • Minimum Horsepower Required (HP):
  • Handheld Type:
  • Cutter Type:
  • Handheld Collection:
  • Other 1:
  • Other 2:
  • Other 3:
  • Other 4:
  • Other 5:

Mowing Detail

  • Machine Type: Robotic
  • Mower Type:
  • Material Discharge:
  • Collection:
  • Mulch:
  • Working Width (MM):
  • Working Depth (MM):
  • Max Length (MM):
  • Max Depth (MM):
  • Capacity:
  • Cutting Width (IN):
  • Bar Length (MM):
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