Without a doubt we work in an industry which is a benefit to people, their lives and the environment in which we live. Equipment for tending private gardens to developing public infrastructure is vital for the modern world.

The provision of complex modern machinery, together with providing the support and services needed to maintain “up-time” for that machinery requires considerable activity by those involved.

We, like others, are acutely aware that our activities require energy and resources. Over the years we have instigated various projects to alleviate our environmental impact, from implementing efficient recycling systems to the introduction of heating from renewable fuels.

The scheme that I am most proud of comes from our investment in the production of electricity from solar radiation. We started the project in 2010 and went live early in 2011.    Our system of 45 freestanding monocrystalline photovoltaic panels (made in Wales) have the capacity to generate our own needs for electricity and feed excess back into the National Grid.

The system is constantly monitored and now the production data is analysed and available to us from anywhere in the world.


Malcolm Rees
Dealer Principal

Solar Panels at Powercut Cwmmfrwd, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire