How to look after your lawn mower in winter: 5 steps before you put your mower into storage

With the grass no longer growing and lawn mowing predominantly paused until the spring, you may be tempted to lock the mower away for the next few months and forget about it.

Lack of use isn’t an excuse to neglect your essential garden tools though. Before you put your mower into winter storage, ensure you get the best out of your mower come spring, by performing the following steps:


Clean your mower


Make sure you clean your mower of all debris and grass build up as this can cause rust and erosion over time.

  • Remove the spark plug
  • Hose down the mower to remove grass and debris and loosen up any dried up build up
  • Use a blunt implement to scrape the inside of the deck, removing any clumps of grass
  • Wipe down with a cloth


Perform an oil change


To ensure a good start come string, ensure your mower is stored with a full, fresh supply of engine oil.

In a well-ventilated area with the engine warmed up and the battery removed and spark plug disconnected, drain the engine of the old oil, using a dipstick to check that the level is empty.

Once empty, add fresh oil. Finally, change the oil filter.

Empty the fuel tank or add fuel stabiliser


Fuel loses its combustibility over time so it is important to consider the fuel tank before storage to protect it from erosion and ensure the mower starts and performs well come spring.

For smaller machines, a straightforward way to do this is to empty the fuel tank by running the machine while idle until it runs out of fuel.

Alternatively, for larger mowers, adding a fuel stabiliser may be the safest way to store your mower for the winter. Add to the tank and run the engine to ensure it filters through. Finally, fill up the tank to avoid condensation.

Always get advice on the right fuel stabiliser and best technique for your type of machine and fuel type.


Get your mower serviced by an expert


Of course, instead of doing all the above and more yourself, you could simply hand it to the experts to prepare your mower for winter, sharpen your blades, and do a full service of all its parts.

At Powercut we don’t just sell lawn mowers as part of some broad offering. They are at the very heart of what we do. We are experts in these machines, what they do, and how best to service them.

Our manufacturer-approved, state-of-the-art service facilities combined with the experience and expertise of our staff ensures your mower is in the safest and most professional of hands, and guarantees your warranty is up to date, adding value to your investment.

While the winter is here and your mower is no longer in constant action, why not take the opportunity to book it in for a life-extending, performance-enhancing service with one of our experts and let them treat your mower with the care it needs in order to be in best working order for the spring?


Remove battery and store


Finally, once cleaned and serviced, place in a cool, dry area, remove the battery, cover and store.


The John Deere Tango E5 autonomous mower: An unexpected new best friend

The John Deere Tango E5 autonomous mower: An unexpected new best friend

In a beautiful pocket of Carmarthenshire, writer and former actress Jenny Kenna lives alongside her unlikely new best friend.

“I needed a new mower and went to Powercut because I knew John Deere were the best. When I saw him I thought ‘this is the answer!’”

Autonomous mowing

Tango 7In Powercut’s shiny showroom Jenny had spotted the John Deere Tango E5 autonomous mower, designed to mow your lawn automatically so you can get on with life. Jenny bought one just over a year ago and describes it as “the best thing I’ve ever had”.

“I tend to humanise him. I have named him Mo because he is a mower after all. He is my new best friend and I could not be without him now.

The garden has been wired so he knows where he needs to mow. He appears to mow somewhat randomly but by the end of his shift, he has mowed everything that he needs to.

He works on a timer, goes out at the same time every day, and is even set up to mow the edges of my lawn on a weekly basis too. When he needs to recharge, he automatically goes back to his charging station.

He works silently in the night, he works in the rain, he works on my sloping garden, and he even picks up some of the leaves.

If I am gardening on my own, it’s also a bit of company when I can hear him working away. He’s wonderful.”

You cannot help but be captivated as you watch Mo work his way around Jenny’s garden. It is like some kind of gardening magic and the delight he brings to Jenny in what would otherwise be a challenging if not near impossible chore is obvious. This enchanting, talented lady has met her gardening match in this clever, life enhancing machine.

When I asked Jenny what life without Mo would be like now she said:

Jenny and Mo“Life without him would be so much more hard work and messy. With Mo I do not have to worry about grass cuttings, back problems, or hiring someone to come in to cut my lawn for me. Mo is reliable. He saves me time. I can get on and garden or write while Mo does his thing, and when I go on holiday, I can leave him running the whole time and do not have to worry about the lawn. It’s the best thing I’ve ever had!”

The John Deere Tango E5 is designed to automatically perfectly maintain your lawn, saving you time and effort. Individually set up for the perimeters of your garden, the Tango E5 sets a new benchmark in mowing and has been designed and built to the usual uncompromisingly high John Deere standard.

Mower Servicing and after sales care

When asked about the service she had received, Jenny could not speak highly enough of Powercut:

“The guys at Powercut have been marvellous. They are responsive if I have any problems or queries. They set up the hidden wires in my garden to begin with and advised me on what would work best with my space. Then every winter when Mo goes into hibernation, they pick him up and take him in for a service at Powercut where he’s all cleaned up, given a new blade and is delivered back to me all spic and span and ready for the next season.”

For more information on John Deere’s life changing Tango E5 and how it can work for you, why not pop into Powercut or give us a call on 01267 235625.


What ride on lawn mower should I buy?

What ride on lawn mower should I buy?

Ride On mowerYou have a large area of land you need to care for and have decided that you need a ride on lawn mower to help with it. But with all the options out there, where do you start when it comes to deciding which ride on mower is right for you?

With such a large range to choose from, there is unquestionably a ride on lawn mower for every gardener, ground person or contractor need, even if finding the right one to suit your needs can seem like a minefield.

At Powercut, we only sell what we believe to be the best. That is why we are West Wales’ official John Deere suppliers. Not only do we sell the best of brands, but we understand that to have the best, each customer needs the right individual lawnmower for them. And to find out what mower is best to meet our customer’s needs, we have some key questions for each customer to consider:


What lawn finish do you want to achieve?

Do you want a rough mown look or a manicured lawn? Perhaps somewhere in between?

Do you want the grass collected off to stop visitors bringing freshly mown grass into your caravans or hotel? Or perhaps it suits you to leave some mulch on the ground after cutting? Are you going to be tackle an overgrown field that you simply want to make more manageable? Or do you need the best cylinder mower to give your golf course or bowling green a perfect finish?

The purpose you need a ride on mower for and the finish you want to achieve will help us to help you know which ride on mower is best for you.


How big is the area you want to mow?

Ride On mower

We sell to individuals with large gardens as well as to commercial sites with acres of sports fields, caravan sites and schools with extensive grounds to keep up.

The size of the area you will mow and the frequency with which the mower will be used helps determine which machine you need to get and what fuel type that machine should be.

For example, you may think you need to invest in a diesel engine for fuel efficiency but we can help you decide whether a petrol lawnmower will be sufficient for the amount of work your mower will do and still cost you less long term than going for a more expensive diesel engine.


What is your lawnmower budget?

Whether individual or commercial, everyone has a budget, and it is about finding the best machine for your needs within that budget. The good news is that the entire range of ride on mowers by John Deere are reliable, durable, intuitive and unrivalled in quality and design.

For commercial customers, John Deere offer finance options with good rates, which can open up more options for your business. These options can be discussed with Powercut staff.


Finding the right ride on lawnmower for you

With the quality and range of John Deere ride on mowers we know that there is a ride on mower out there for every lawn mowing need. Each of our knowledgeable staff have the same goal – to help you find the best machine to fit within your desired perimeters of lawn finish, area size and budget.

Most importantly, we are determined to give the right advice. We want the customer to have the right machine for them, not the one we happen to have in stock at the time they visit our business.

Giving sound advice is one of our key values and that is why our customers keep coming back.

Why don’t you pop by and discuss your lawn mowing needs with one of our John Deere experts?


10 places you might find a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle

10 places you might find a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle

With their versatility and reliability, John Deere Gator utility vehicles (Gators) are the ultimate workhorse companion to make many a job easier and more enjoyable. With a wide array of options and low environmental impact, whether navigating across a pristine golf course or thriving on tough terrain, a gator will get the job done without churning up the land and leaving damage in its wake. Here are some of the places you can find the various John Deere Gators at work.

1. John Deere Gators on the farm

Gator FarmWhether fixing fencing, transporting animal feed or working the land, a gator makes an invaluable companion to the hardworking farmer. We’ve seen farmers use 4×4 diesel gators like the Gator XUV 855D to travel around wet and cold hill and mountain farms, carrying young cattle or sheep in the back of the Gator or even lifting young lambs in to the cosy, warm cab to help warm them up.

2. John Deere Gators in the garden

Gator GardenYou don’t have to have a business to make good use of a Gator. If you have a few acres of private land that you need to look after, whether a smallholding or large garden, Gators are put to excellent use to carry tools and equipment around to help make the job of keeping large grounds in excellent condition a little easier.

3. John Deere Gators in Local Authorities

Council buildings, schools, parks, roadsides, there is no end to the land that comes under the local authority’s remit to look after. Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion local authorities all use John Deere Gators to help get the job done.

4. John Deere Gators in Country Parks

Gator ParkWhether crossing acres of grass or navigating sand dunes, Gators prove invaluable at Pembrey Country Park for maintaining footpaths, fire patrols, beach clean ups and all the numerous jobs the wardens and staff have to manage and maintain the vast, beautiful park.

5. John Deere Gators at large sites

Around the vast sites of Pembroke Power Station and Milford Haven Oil Refinery John Deere Gators prove their worth not just for carrying tools and equipment but also, with some of the XUV models being able to carry 4 people comfortably and safely,  for transporting staff from one area to another efficiently.

6. John Deere Gators on the golf course

When out on the golf course it can be easy to take for granted the hard work that goes in to keeping the course pristine. John Deere Gators are used on our local golf courses to help make that hard work a bit easier. Used for transporting golfers, getting sprinklers to where they need to be, digging holes around the course, and a host of other essential jobs, most importantly they travel about the course without causing any damage to the land in their wake so it is in ship shape for play time.

7. John Deere Gators in hard to reach places

Gator RainingTrinity House is a charity dedicated to safeguarding shipping and seafarers. Gators are used at lighthouses to ferry tools and food for lighthouse keepers over difficult terrain within tidal time limits. Some Gators have even been delivered to lighthouses by helicopter.

8. John Deere Gators with the electricity board

When incremental weather causes power outages, Gators have proved invaluable for Western Power’s electrical engineers, linesmen, and their equipment to be transported safely and quickly across fields to find cables that have come down and fix them.

9. John Deere Gators with Welsh Water

Burst water mains can happen anywhere and Gators allow Welsh Water engineers and their equipment to reach places that other larger vehicles can’t possibly get to in order to get supplies up and running as soon as possible.

10. John Deere Gators in the military

Whether to transport military personnel and equipment around large camps or navigate tricky terrain, military gators are air dropped behind enemy lines to be put to good use.

GatorWhile not everyone will need a military Gator, one thing is for certain – the broad collection of John Deere Gator utility vehicles and accessories are extensive, versatile and exceptionally useful. Add to this the fact that all the Gators have intuitive controls and are comfortable to ride, and you have the ideal vehicle to take the load off your working life. Speak to the professionals at Powercut for more information on how a Gator utility vehicle might transform your workplace.

Super six John Deere lawn mowers for landscape contractors

The super six John Deere lawn mowers for landscape contractors

A John Deere mower means the best in power, performance and quality.

But the question is – which John Deere mower is right for you?

To find the right, reliable mower for your business a number of factors need to be considered. What size landscapes do you work with? What types of landscapes? What sort of environment do you work in? What is your budget?

Efficiency is key to any business from a time and budget standpoint. A ride on can cover a larger area in a fraction of the time a walk behind mower would, but, if you’re tackling tricky slopes or delicate edges, a walk-behind mower may be exactly what you need.

Whatever your mowing needs, here are our super six of John Deere mowers:

Best walk behind mower – JX90CB

JX90CB lawn mowerSmaller, delicate areas or steep garden slopes will need the precision offered by a walk-behind mower. John Deere’s range of tough, commercial grade walk-behinds are designed for fatigue-free operation all day long. Just like you, they’re not afraid of hard work.

Their advanced engineering means you can enjoy corrosion-resistant aluminium decks and an anti-vibration system across all models.

A lot of your decision will come down to size and budget but our favourite model is the JX90CB with its Blade Brake Clutch (BBC). This stops the blade but not the engine, making it much easier to move your machine from A to B, saving you time and making life just that little bit easier.


Best zero turn mower – Z997R

Z997RJohn Deere’s Z997R offers incredible manoeuvrability. At least 20% faster than a front mower, it saves you time every time you use it, and its outstanding quality will give you years of productive service.

Not only does it have a maximum power of 28.6 HP (21 kW) and a three cylinder diesel engine but the ease of control is unrivalled. With padded grip control levers, simply press a switch to raise or lower the mower deck and disengage the blades, or conveniently adjust the cutting height using the control panel.

As an added bonus, you can work in comfort with a high back chair, adjustable armrests and suspension seat that adjusts to your weight and personal preferences.


Best front rotary mower – 1585

1585For a fast, quality performance, John Deere’s 1500 series TerrainCut commercial front rotary mowers deliver an outstanding combination of speed and cut quality.

The exceptional 4WD system uses a mechanical axle and has a differential lock as standard meaning kerbs, slopes and slippery grass are no problem. This along with their high capacity 7-IRON decks and efficient high torque diesel engines means they can mow thick grass at high speed and still produce enviable cut quality.

In addition to mowing, their 60” front blade can be fitted instead of the mower deck to tackle a whole host of additional activities.

The top of this range is the 1585 which boasts a 38.2 HP (28.1 kW) engine, cutting width of 60 or 72 inches, a 60 litre fuel tank for up to 10 hours non-stop mowing, and the option of a 600 or 900 litre grass and leaf hydraulic collection system.


Best wide area rotary mowers – 1505/1515

1515If you want to make light work of long, dense grass or uneven terrain, you would be hard-pressed to beat the 1505 and 1515 wide-area rotary mowers.

Their powerful 4-cylinder engines and hydraulic mower decks ensure swift and great cutting performance in any conditions while the adjustable steering wheel, air-suspended comfort seat, optional comfort cab (think air conditioned / heated, quiet, spacious working) and ergonomic CommandArm armrest with finger trip controls makes for happy operators too.


Best diesel mowing tractors – X700 series

X700John Deere’s diesel mowing tractors provide the perfect combination of performance, ease of use and comfort. They deliver uncompromising reliability and productivity for years on end, and with higher uptime and lower operating costs, you profit from steady, predictable profitability as well as a consistent high performance.

We couldn’t select one model because which of the X700 models you go for will depend on whether you need 2-Wheel Drive, 4-Wheel Drive or 4-Wheel Steer. Road homologation is also an option available to the X750 and X758 should you require to use it on public roads.

In addition to precision mowng, the right attachment helps bring driveways and paths up to standard, and the optional MCS 580 material collection system collects grass clippings while you go before letting you dump them quickly.

Diesel mowing tractor X950R

X950RThe top of the range X950R mowing tractor has a forward speed of 16.1 km/h and cruise control. A full welded steel frame; a commercial grade, stamped steel mower deck; a high torque, 3-cylinder diesel engine; and heavy-duty wheel motors offers unrivalled strength and performance.

Its operations are simple with a multi-function lever giving you fingertip control, and great ergonomics allowing for operator comfort too.

Advanced ‘tail follows trail’ technology means mowing near fences, walls or other obstacles is easy and safe.

With high and low dump options, a 650 litre capacity collector, and optional road homologation kit or rear deflector, this mowing tractor means business for your business.

These super six are just a glimpse of the extensive John Deere mower range. You can find the full range of John Deere commercial mowing equipment on their website and Powercut’s specialist staff are on hand to help you make the right decision for your business.