Latest Purchases…

Latest Purchases…

Just in two new X590 lawn tractors, straight from the factory to Powercut where they have been prepped for delivery. One of which has been fitted with a Powerflow collection system,
read more about the X590 and its features below;

The X590 lawn tractor has a Kawasaki petrol engine, the nominal power for this engine is 16.7KW at 3250 RPM. It has a fuel capacity of 16.7 litre. The X590 also has a mowing area capacity of over 8000m² making it the go to machine for your home/garden. The turning radius has been measured for the X590 at 55.9 cm. The X590 has an optional mulching kit, a cutting height of “25-102 mm”, hydraulic lift system making it easier to set the height of cut, and an electronic deck engagement. The total weight of the X590 is only 381 Kg, with the total length being 2010 mm (2.01 M), the total width 1560mm (1.56 M), and with an optional Accel deck size of 48 (122 cm/48 in) or 54 (137 cm/54 in).

To summarize the X590 is a can do all machine with the relevant attributes to give you the results you need.

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