Is this the hardest working John Deere Progator in the world?

This Progator was purchased new from us in 2005 by civil engineering company Dawnus Construction, for work on Skomer Island, off the Pembrokeshire coast. Dawnus were undertaking a prestigious project to renovate the wardens accommodation and visitor centre in this environmentally sensitive area.


The Progator was used to haul many heavy loads of building materials up a steep track from the boat landing area to the renovation site in the middle of the island. This project lasted around 2 years and initially was the only intended requirement for the Progator, however the machine was so successful and well liked by its owners that it was then moved on to the next Dawnus Construction project …


For about the next 3 years the Progator continued work within the construction site of the South Hook L.N.G. (gas) Terminal in Pembrokeshire. At the time this was the biggest civil engineering project in Europe. When that was finished the Progator then moved on….

The construction of the acclaimed Bluestone Resort in Pembrokeshire was the next jobsite for Dawnus to use their Progator. There it worked in all terrains in the service of civil engineers to transport delicate survey equipment and other items.

     So having completed various projects in Pembrokeshire it was time for Dawnus to ship the Progator to another jobsite, only this time it’s a bit further away…..

 Sierra Leone, West Africa. Our Progator spends the next 3 years in this extreme environment, working on a major new railway and mining infrastructure project. The Progator transports materials and men, often round the clock. Note the optional “sunshine cab” accessory that has now been fitted for greater operator comfort….

 Senegal, West Africa. Currently the Progator is working on another mining infrastructure project, this time deep in an African desert. We can’t help wondering… Where next?

About the author: Malcolm founded Powercut in 1984 and became John Deere's appointed dealers in 1987 for domestic mowers, commercial mowers and golf & turf equipment, serving South and West Wales.

Malcolm Rees, author

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