GreenMech win patent battle

GreenMech win patent battle

GreenMech’s Patent Infringement case against Jensen in the German Patent Courts, to protect its ‘Safe-Trak’ European Patent has been successfully concluded. Jensen have stopped production of their ‘X’ track.

GreenMech’s unique design The ‘Safe-Trak’ wood chipper is the world’s most successful tracked wood chipper of its type. Designed to safely access, and operate on, difficult terrain the
Safe-Trak system incorporates two independently adjusted track mounted legs. By extending one track at a time embankments up to 35° can be traversed in complete safety.

With both track mounts fully extended ground clearance of up to 600mm can be achieved for clearance of hidden obstacles enabling access to the most difficult terrain.

This pioneering feature makes it a popular machine for contractors working on power lines and railway track maintenance.

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