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John Deere’s 175 year long history and experience shine through in our rotary mowers, cylinder mowers, tractors, utility vehicles, landscape machinery and aeration equipment . You’ll find equipment from Powercut in golf courses, sports facilities, parks, public and private gardens. So why not experience that extra bit of quality and professionalism for yourself?

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  • a) Handheld Equipment

    a) Handheld Equipment
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  • b) Walk Behinds

    b) Walk Behinds
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  • c) Ride-on Lawn Tractors

    c) Ride-on Lawn Tractors
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  • d) Garden & Compact Tractors

    d) Garden & Compact Tractors
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  • e) Front-Mount Mowers

    e) Front-Mount Mowers
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  • f) Robotic Mowers

    f) Robotic Mowers
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  • g) 2 Wheel Tractors

    g) 2 Wheel Tractors
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  • h) Utility Vehicles

    h) Utility Vehicles
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  • i) Machine Attachments

    i) Machine Attachments
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These days knowing the abilities of modern machinery is a complex task. What is the right machine for you? If you need help then get in touch. This is what we do… every day. Our total experience time with turf machinery is around 125 years. We look after over 30 acres of varied grounds ourselves. We’re there with our customers, out in the field. Experience is invaluable. We’ll give you well informed advice, with no cost or obligation and we’re just a phonecall away. Calls to us are answered by real people who are interested in helping. It’s just the start of us building a great relationship with our customers. will introduce you to our solutions for residential and commercial grounds maintenance. You’ll soon see equipment that will suit you and your gardens needs. What’s more, we often find solutions that come in well under budget. All our models boast numerous extra features, sophisticated technology and all the comfort and convenience you could hope for. To compliment John Deere’s equipment and broaden our range into a “one-stop-shop”, we are also main dealers for top marques such as Wiedenmann, Trimax, BCS, Camon, BLEC, Ferris, Lloyds, Classen and more .
Get started by having a look at a category above. Call Powercut on +44 (0)1267 235625 and let’s kick some ideas around.