Trimax Pegasus S3 G3 493

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Pegasus is established as the benchmark in wide area mowing for parks, reserves, airports, racetracks, sports fields, turf farms, golf roughs and fairway areas.

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Trimax presentation and quality for wide area, road legal mowing

Since its original release in 2001, the Pegasus has become established as the benchmark in wide area mowing applications such as parks, reserves, airports, racetracks, sports fields, turf farms, golf roughs and fairway areas.
Despite its large cut width, the mower is deceptively capable on undulating terrain thanks to impressive deck articulation and full width rollers which prevent scalping. It is also capable of performing a zero turn and can manoeuvre around trees and other obstacles with ease.
The PegasusS3 combines flawless cutting performance with incredible versatility – it will give a cut finish equal to a cylinder mower in short grass, whilst in longer grass there is simply no comparison.
Another major advantage offered by the PegasusS3 is its exceptionallly low maintenance requirements compared to cylinder and other rotary mowers, making it a popular choice for commercial applications where minimal downtime is a priority.
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Transportation between locations could not be more convenient. All mower decks can be raised and lowered from the tractor seat and the mower towed quickly between locations for minimum downtime. The maintenance free suspension on the chassis allows high transport speed over variable terrain.

Built Tough

The PegasusS3 is designed specifically for full time commercial use in a wide range of demanding conditions. Only the highest quality, heavy duty materials and components are used to ensure total dependability at all times.

Low Maintenance

Ease of maintenance and reliability are engineered into the PegasusS3 design. All moving surfaces have long life synthetic bushes or greasable bearings. Remote grease points are centralised and raising the mower decks provides unobstructed access to the mower underbody for safe and hassle-free maintenance.

Clean Cutting

Trimax’s famous LazerBladez™ fling-tip blades are fitted as standard on the PegasusS3, which help achieve a euperior cut finish through an optimised blade thickness and air flow, a carefully engineered centre of gravity and unique ’tilt-forward’ blade system. LazerBladez™ are much more cost efficient than reel or solid beams as only the fling-tip portion of the blade is replaced.

Full Width Rollers

Full width rollers on all decks follow the contours of the ground and provide excellent anti-scalp protection. Rollers also allow mowing along the edge of banks or paths and produce a superb striping effect for those wishing to pattern their turf. Safety is enhanced as rollers contain debris in the cutting chamber.



The ILS (individual lift system) allows for three different cutting widths without leaving the tractor seat.

Quattro Blade System

This system adds 2 more blades to each spindle (2 flat, 2 upturned) for a finer cut on warm season grasses.

Remote Unlock

The remote unlock option replaces the standard transport lock release rope with an electric actuator. This is operated by a push-button on the tractor.

Power Train

  • Minimum Tractor Size: 50hp
  • P.T.O. Driven


  • Cutting Height: 10mm - 110mm
  • No. of Blade Spindles: 9
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • [Optional] ILS
  • [Optional] Quattro Blade System
  • [Optional] Remote Unlock


  • Cutting Width: 4926mm (194")
  • Overall Length: 4320mm
  • Overall Width: 5082mm
  • Transport Mode: 2500mm
  • Weight: Approx. 2200kg

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