BCS 728

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  • Commercial
  • Petrol
  • 2 Wheel Tractors

Able to dig, cut and clear, the larger 728 can also be fitted with additional implements to operate ploughs, ridgers, potato lifters and rotary mowers.

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  • Price: £1,680 Ex.vat MRRP
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BCS 728

Able to perform the same digging, cutting and clearing work as the BCS 710, the larger 728 can be fitted with several additional implements due to its increased engine size and extra gear speeds.

The BCS 728 can operate ploughs, ridgers and potato lifters to assist in managing your vegetable plots and also a rotary mower to maintain your lawns.

BCS Two Wheel Tractors

A Tool for Life

Whether you are a homeowner looking to cultivate your vegetable patch or a landscaper trying to expand your business, BCS Two Wheel Tractors have a solution for you.

Build Quality

You will quickly find that BCS Two Wheel Tractors offer unmatched performance and reliability. An all gear drive system and top of the range engines are just two of the features that reflect the superior build quality.


As a dependable working tool you will find that BCS Two Wheel Tractors are unrivalled in their versatility and functionality.
There are four models within the BCS range, some of which can be fitted with over 25 working implements. This means a huge variety of different types of work can be undertaken.
The versatility of BCS Two Wheel Tractors also means they offer excellent value for money, as they take the place of many single purpose machines.
In fact, many owners find themselves using their BCS Two Wheel Tractors for decades before passing them on to family members for further use.
You can be confident that your BCS machine will not only meet your demands but will save you considerable time and effort.

Built from the ground up…

The results speak for themselves, and once you have seen what can be achieved you will wonder how you ever managed to cope without your BCS Two Wheel Tractor.

Features & Benefits

Rotating Handlebars

Rotating Handlebars

The handlebar can be rotated through 180°. This allows the two wheel tractor to be used in two directions and increses the number of impliments that can be fitted.

High Quality Engines

High Quality Engines

Powered by petrol and diesel engines which are considered the most reliable and powerful engines in their classes.

Anti-Vibration Handlebars

Anti-Vibration Handlebars

Increses operator comfort during machine operation.

Parking Brake

Parking Brake

Allows the machine to be safely left unattended when not in use.

Adjustable Handlebars

Adjustable Handlebars

The height of the handlebars can be adjusted to suit each individual and maximise user comfort.

Handlebar Offset

Handlebar Offset

Each machine has a simple method of moving the handlebars from side-to-side, useful when working alongside a hedge, on a slope or cultivating.

Quick Release System

Available as an optional extra enabling implements to be changed in seconds.

PowerSafe® Clutch

Supported by a 5 year warranty, this patented system gives the operator instant control over the machine and implement to ensure maximum safety at all times.

All Gear Drive System

Gears offer superior levels of reliability and durability. Unlike chains and belts that can streth and break.

Three Pin Power Take Off

Strong proven drive connection for added durability.

Differential with lock

Locking the differential on the BCS 738 & 740 increases the traction of the two wheel tractor in difficult terrain, whilst unlocking the differential allows you to turn the machine on the spot.

*Shown pictured with rotavator attachment, for details on all the other implements available see pages 12-14 in the brochure which can be downloaded from the “Video & Brochure” tab above or speak to a BCS expert at Powercut by calling 01267 235625.


  • Honda GP160 4.8hp petrol engine
  • Honda GX200 5.5hp petrol engine

Power Train

  • Forward Speed: 1.14 / 2.63 / 3.88 km/h
  • Gears: 3 Forward & 3 Reverse
  • Reverse Speed: 1.20 / 2.77 / 4.08 km/h


  • Model: BCS 728


  • Height: 90cm
  • Length: 170cm
  • Weight: 80-85kg
  • Wheel Size: 4.00 x 8
  • Width: 60cm


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